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The Division 2 has a lot of things under the surface from Easter eggs to loot that you have to find for, but among all that hidden, is the Garage Stash and Missing Wire Scavengers side mission.

These are so mysterious that they do not even show up in the mission list and have to be manually initiated to begin. Developers added a couple of hidden side missions in the game for those players who like to scan out the entire game as they progress so, these missions will grant them the extra boost which is needed after the main story line of the game has been completed.

The missions are hidden and will not pop up or show by itself in-game this adds perplexity to the game and as the post-release has been great, these missions give the players something to do within the game for those who are done with the game or are just procrastinating. This mission is nearby a safe house. Make sure you have leveled up enough before beginning your missions, this may be a big task but you would not like to go in without being ready for it.

missing scavengers division 2

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The BEST Easter Eggs in The Division 2

By Prasad More On Mar 22, Related Posts. Leave a comment.View guide index. Explore the northern part of Constitution Hall, north of the safe house picture1. Enter the alley on the 20th St NW picture2walk through the doors and talk to William Bromley picture3. Now go south of the safe house, and find a large hole in the ground pictures4and5. Go down into the hole and into the tunnel picture6.

Go through the tunnel until you reach generators picture7then go through the hole in the wall to enter the Department of the Interior picture8. Talk to the man in the main room picture9then use the rope in the elevator shaft picture Once at the top, eliminate the enemies, then pass through the door picture Open the box picture12then climb the steps picture You will reach a library: protect Millie by eliminating the Pariahs picture14then talk to her picture A crate is located just next to Millie picture Then force the elevator doors and go down picture Protect the siblings by repelling the assault picture18then approach them to end this mission picture Home Solutions About.

Missing Scavengers. The Division 2 — Main Missions. Odea Tech Office. Public Execution. Wraith Mask. The Chatterbox.

Dark Zone Missions.Some missions will not appear until you are in a certain area, reach a specific Level or unlock some settlements. In this guide, we want to show you all available side missions, where to start them, and how to end them. We also show you all the rewards! More Guides and News about The Division 2 you will find on our overview page.

Questgiver : Head towards the Federal Triangle area to start the side mission Location : Federal Triangle Objective : Ensure important documents in the state archive.

Questgiver : Talk to Michael Davis Location : Downtown East Objective : Clear out an apartment complex, consisting of rooftop fighting with an abundance of snipers. Questgiver : Available from level Speak to Scott Williamson at the campus settlement. Speak to Arturo Pena at the campus settlement. Questgiver : After you recruited Emma in the campus settlement.

Speak to Kevin Green. Location : West Potomac Park Objective : —.

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Questgiver : When mission is unlocked, head to the Constitution Hall area and proceed to the side mission marker to start the mission Location : Objective : —. Speak to Thereza Cruz. Location : West End Objective : —. Questgiver : — Location : — Objective : —. Questgiver : — Location : East Mall Objective : —.

I agree Privacy Policy. Any Swordsmith can either upgrade your Tanto Dagger or your Katana. Silk can be obtained mainly through side quests as an reward. It unlocks the Avid Reader trophy when you find at least 20 Records. You need more Leather the higher the upgrade-level. Need more Guides and Solutions? Here you will finde all Guides. Please understand, this guide needs some time and is under construction.

Written by: J. Email never published. The Division 2 Published by: Ubisoft. ESRB rating Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Recent Posts Hyper Scape Update 0.

Privacy Infos Privacy Policy Imprint.In The Division 2there are three methods to get SHD Tech Points, and below we discuss all of them; eventually helping you to advance faster in the game. As you can see in the picture below, these missions can be identified by the orange Division logo in the bottom right corner.


The Tech Caches should not be confused with the Collectibles in The Division 2because unlike the latter, you can actually see their locations on your map. Collecting all of them, along with the SHD Tech Points received from the missions; allows you to unlock all Skills and Perks for your agent. In other words, when you enter a new area, head to the Safe House and unlock it by entering the location.

Once inside complete the small assignment you receive. After you unlock the Safe House you should see all Tech Caches in your zone displayed on your map. Just like in the following picture. You can access them from the table below. He is located on the ground floor, on the left side as you enter. Open the menu and check the Skills and Perk submenus. For the Perks, things are straightforward. Push and hold the Unlock button; however keep in mind that some Perks have requirements, such as reaching a specific level.

As you progress through the game, visit the Quartermaster regularly and you will eventually unlock all Skills and Perks. Did you unlock all Perks in The Division 2?

Wiki Guide News Images. As we have mentioned there are three methods. The Side Missions are visibly shorter than the Main Missions. Here is how many Division 2 Tech Caches you can find in each region. I've been playing video games sinceand I like to keep up with the latest video game releases. Feel free to get in touch with me if gaming is your passion.

Related Goodies. May 10, March 25, March 2, January 15, White House. Downtown East. Federal Triangle. Judiciary Square. East Mall. West Potomac Park. Constitution Hall.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.

missing scavengers division 2

By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. The American Food Store can be found in the Driveway. Once you get to the American Food Store, there will be other ropes in the area.

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The rope that you're looking for is the black and yellow colored one. It will be dangling from a hole in the ceiling. Cover is useful to break enemy line of sight and keep you safe while you reload and heal up.

However, enemies will try to flank you. Push forward from cover-to-cover to aggressively attack enemies! It is highly recommended that you position yourself in the high ground. It will give you a tactical advantage when engaging enemies, by giving you a wider field of vision so you can spot more enemies! Your turret can be effective in engaging enemies. It will automatically attack enemies within its range and line-of-sight.

Place it on a strategic place to shoot at enemies while you attack from another angle! If your armor is getting dangerously low, take a break from shooting, and heal yourself up. Healing gives you much more sustain when engaging enemies, and will keep you alive for longer. Just remember to do it behind cover.

John can be found on the second floor of the main hall.

Division 2 Hidden Side Missions: How to find all the secret missions in The Division 2

He will be in the room on the left corridor, guarded by a Sniper. Before going up against knives, it is highly recommended that you go after the henchmen first.

missing scavengers division 2

This way, you will not be surrounded by enemies on all sides when going up against the boss. From time to time, Knives will chuck an incendiary grenade at you. When you see a grenade icon appear on top of his head, reposition to a new location as soon as possible!

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Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Looks like nobody posted here yetView guide index. To begin this mission, explore the northeastern part of Judiciary Square picture1. Enter the building on the H St NW picture2use the rope to reach the upper floor picture3then talk with Amanda Weekes in the apartment picture4. Now go south to locate the beginning of the mission pictures5and6. Eliminate the enemies, then enter the building picture7.

Destroy the padlock to open the door picture8then approach the cell picture9. Follow the new marker, eliminate the enemies, then free John Njoku pictures10and Follow him to the maintenance room picture12go in and restore the power picture Before leaving the room, destroy the padlock to reach a crate pictures14and Back in the main room, get rid of the leader of the Hyenas and his henchmen picture16then free the hostages picture Home Solutions About.

Missing Wire Scavengers. The Division 2 — Main Missions. Odea Tech Office. Public Execution.

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Wraith Mask. The Chatterbox. Dark Zone Missions. Dark Zone East Recon. Share it! Missing Curators Missing Scavengers. Search for:.

Last games.Missing Curators is a secret side mission in The Division 2, and it can be unlocked in the East Mall area. The Division 2 Missing Curators secret mission has you exploring a museum in the area, rescuing people from the True Sons.

The easiest way to reach Olivia Vance and start the secret side mission is to start from the Choke Control Point.

Division 2 Missing Curators Secret Side Mission Location - Artwork Collectibles

Head north and cross Independence Ave SW, towards the building with three domes. Then, head left, towards the ramp. Head down into the underground entrance Manning Institution written above. Walk through the blue-lit doorway, then down the stairs and into the next room.

Now, you have to go into the museum, which is all the way in the northeast corner of the East Mall area. The easiest way to reach the museum is to go to the Solar Farm Control Point, and head north from there.

missing scavengers division 2

The museum has two doors, in the north and in the east. To find the one Relic artifact and one Artwork artifact in The Division 2, you have to search the museum with a very fine-tooth comb.

The Division 2: All Side Missions – Locations and Solutions

I recommend that you first find the hostages, and kill all the True Sons that keep attacking, in order to search in peace.

From the Old Glory Flag, go through the door on the right just next to it. Go down the stairs, and go into the room on the left, through the open door. Look in the far left corner. The doors to the museum remain open after you exit the mission. So, you can simply go back and find them. Your email address will not be published.

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